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Company History

The physicians of Cancer Care Group (“CCG”) are trained in the treatment and management of cancers in which radiation therapy is the appropriate treatment to reduce or eliminate the cancerous cells.

CCG grew from a single Indianapolis hospital-based group of physicians to its current size as a result of market expansion and mergers of physician groups. CCG physicians treat patients in over 20 radiation therapy facilities throughout Central Indiana. Currently, CCG is one of the largest privately owned radiation oncology groups in the United States and is recognized for its unique blend of physicians trained in over 18 different residency programs throughout the United States. This diverse training and experience has far reaching effects on the capabilities of the practice, and patients benefit from having this broad range of trained physicians who can work collaboratively with each other to achieve the best outcome in treating their disease.

Because of the vast number of cancer centers that CCG physicians practice at, CCG physicians also collaborate with many other oncology specialist physicians and diagnostic physicians who are also involved in the patient’s treatment and care. The relationship between CCG physicians and these other specialists throughout Central Indiana assures the patient that their care is being overseen by a team who can communicate and coordinate care regardless of the location where the patients are being treated.

CCG physicians are committed to research, continuing education and training, and innovation for improving the outcome of the patients. CCG physicians have been recognized locally and nationally for their excellence in patient care and clinical achievements.


Corporate Office: Cancer Care Group, P.C. 6100 West 96th St. Suite 125, Indianapolis, IN 46278
General Phone (317) 715-1800 • General Fax (317) 715-6200 • Billing Fax (317) 715-6204

We comply with applicable Federal civil rights laws and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability or sex.
Language assistance available: Español, Kreyol Ayisien, Tiếng Việt, Português, 中文, français, Tagalog, русский, العربية, italiano, Deutsche , 한국어, Polskie, Gujarati, ไทย, 日本語, فارسی

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